Woodward Commucation Inc. Redesign / Rebuild

Woodward Commucation Inc Site Redesign

Challenges: Rebuild CMS intergration from the ground up to be more accessible to content editiors.

  • Patched all known secuity vulendabilites.
  • Updated styling to match current branding

Fence Talk Digital Website Rebuild

Fence Talk Digital Site Redesign

Technical Challenges: Maintain Wordpress CMS integration & decease load time as much as possible

  • ↓97% Reduction in Time to Fully Loaded
  • ↓96% Reduction in Perceptual Speed Index
  • ↑82% Increase in PageSpeed Insights Rating

UW-Platteville - Extranet Redesign


Project Goal: To update existing web application to match responsive design principles, while maintaining near 100% uptime.

Web Technologies Used:
  • C#
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • mySQL
  • Zurb Foundation