Photo of mural

Design and contructed four by sixteen foot ceramic tile mural as a permentant installation with UW-Platteville's student center.


Jill in a vintage car

One of the winning photographs in Phlearn's portait contest.

Brenda lying on a park bench in an army uniform.

Published in Heals for Compact Boots Volume 2.

Black and white photo of Rachel with music projected onto her

Finalist photograph
Photographer’s Forum Magazine - Photography Contest

The entire set of photographs can be found with this Behance project

Poster Design

Pecha Kucha Poster

International recognised poster design for local Pecha Kucha Event


Slashfold Font

Slashfold font

Inspired by the folder of paper strips. For example in use, see full behance project.

Lexdexia Font

Lexdexia font

Work in Progress
Serifed font design to help people who have dislexia. Based off of and designed to be paired with Opendyslexic.